Balateh wooden plate with bird (63cm x 15 cm )

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  • Handmade
  • Material: Walnut and Morus wood
  • Artist : Pejman Oloumi
  • Size : 63 cmx 15 cm
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How Balateh Started

When Pejman Oloumi became 26 he is the founder of Balateh. Balateh means the wooden entrance of the village houses in east of Gilan.

He grew up in Gilan, the northern province of Iran that is famous for its beautiful natures. Pejman moved to the capital city Tehran on a young age. But he still spended his summer holidays in the wood where he played with wood and got to know the material.
Pejman got his passion about graphic design and theater when he went to art school. But before continuing his study at university he had to go on military service. During this time he read books about Michelangelo , making him interested in sculptures.

Finally after his military service, he entered to the Art University and graduated as a graphic designer. Due to that he worked as a graphic designer, played in a theater and started to design jewelry. So he could have an income for daily life and to save for establishing his own studio where he could focus on creating sculptures.

When he turned 26, he opened the ‘Balateh’ Studio and could finally focus on his wood sculptures. In order to expand his knowledge in this field, he took courses by Parviz Tanavoli. He also started to exhibit his sculptures at various exhibitions and he had some projects in several cities. The last time when we saw him, he was working on an art project in Rasht, Gilan.

Pejman use different type of woods in his work such as alnus, oak, elm and many more. The Balateh collection we consists excist out of two sections. The first part is home decor for which he mainly uses small brass birds. The second part consists of very nice plates of which some of them have wooden birds. As a result of his work you can see that each product is made from different types of wood from their weight, texture or colors.

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