Why we started with ZAMIN?

ZAMIN brings, as the slogan says, ‘A Persian touch to your life’ with a beautiful collection of art, unique clothes, accessories, jewelry and more that are all worth sharing with you in the Netherlands. A lot of time has been spent on  finding special products and identifying the most talented people who create modern design items while keeping a classic and traditional Iranian touch to their work.

What does ZAMIN mean ?

We brought all our ideas together with the creation of ZAMIN. ZAMIN is a Persian word and means earth and ground. The name really reflects what we stand for. First of all, because we obviously share the same earth; a place where we live together and where borders don’t matter. Secondly, most of the products that we offer are handmade items which are 100% made of organic materials.

Aim of ZAMIN?

ZAMIN is the first  Iranian concept store in Eindhoven, the Netherlands that brings a touch of Iran to the Netherlands. This by offering a carefully curated and unique collection of beautiful products from talented artists and designers from Iran. The collection has a modern design, while staying close to the rich Iranian culture. By doing this, we also offer Iranian artists and designers a platform to bring their products and visions to a wider public.

How we work?

You can follow us online and find us at Urban Shopper in Eindhoven. Keep a close eye on our blog and social media channels (Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest) where we will keep you updated!