Who we are ?

We are Nina and Michiel, Iranian and Dutch couple who are living in the Netherlands. Both of us grew and raised up in two different countries but love brought our life path together. Beside all cultures differences, we are proud to be Iranian and Dutch and we both love and respect  each other culture. The reason of accepting and respecting each other culture might be because we both love to discover the world and get to know the different people with different culture backgrounds. Both of us have a passion for art. We all know art and culture are standing beside at each other and they complete each other .

Due to our passion to art and culture, since 2016, we have decided to introduce Iranian culture and art in the Dutch society by ZAMIN and we are so proud of it.

Why we started with ZAMIN?

By starting ZAMIN we want to show you the rich culture of Iran in our blogs, products and  introduce our talented Iranian artists and Designer.  For this reason ZAMIN slogan is ” A Persian touch to your life”

ZAMIN as the first Iranian concept store in the Netherlands has been abled and honored  to collect a beautiful collection of handmade products such as home decoration, tableware, jewellery, shawls, bags and many more that are all worth sharing with you in the Netherlands and all around the world. A lot of time has been spent on finding special products and identifying the most talented people who create modern design items while keeping a classic and traditional Iranian touch to their work.Each piece that you see in our website or in the store has been collected one by one with so much love.

What does ZAMIN mean ?

We brought all our ideas together with the creation of ZAMIN. ZAMIN is a Persian word and means earth and ground. The name really reflects what we stand for. First of all, because we obviously share the same earth; a place where we live together and where borders don’t matter. Secondly, most of the products that we offer are handmade items which are 100% made of organic materials.

Aim of ZAMIN?

ZAMIN is the first  Iranian concept store in Eindhoven, the Netherlands that brings a touch of Iran to the Netherlands. This by offering a carefully curated and unique collection of beautiful products from talented artists and designers from Iran. The collection has a modern design, while staying close to the rich Iranian culture. By doing this, we also offer Iranian artists and designers a platform to bring their products and visions to a wider public.

How we work?

At this moment we have a store in the Urban Shopper, Eindhoven and also you can follow us 24h online from all around the world. We are always busy with attending in different cultural events. If you want to know more about the latest events please keep a close eye on our blog and social media channels (Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest) where we will keep you updated!

Do you like to know more about us ?

You are all always welcome to come our store and drink tea with us and also talk about Iran.